Beverly Callard Is Learning To Walk Again After Hip Surgery

‘Coronation Street’ actress Beverly Callard has started to walk again after her hip surgery. As per the actress, her keyhole hip surgery was a complete disaster, but now, she is learning to walk again. She faced the nightmare of her life after facing the option of being on wheelchair forever. She revealed that the entire experience was like going through hell.

The 63-year-old actress explains that she had never endured such a horrifying pain in her life. She also says that she believes that she could have avoided such a painful and traumatic experience. Beverly not only suffered physically but also mentally. Apart from the nerve-wrecking and teeth-grinding pain, she was feeling mentally tortured. She kept thinking if it was the end for her.

While Beverly Callard was taking a break to recover completely from her surgery, fans kept wondering what happened to her character. Beverly’s character, Liz, disappeared from the show unexpectedly and quite suddenly. Although Beverly had announced that would be quitting the show this year, fans did not expect her to leave so suddenly.

Steve McDonals, Callard’s son, explained that Beverly was simply taking the much needed time off the show to recover. Additionally, a good news for ‘Coronation Street’ fans is that Beverly will not be leaving the show this year. She will be getting a proper farewell, that she deserves, whenever the time comes.

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