Emmerdale New Twist: Will Paul Become The Reason For Mandy & Vinny’s Fallout?

Emmerdale stars Mandy and Vinny have become stronger than ever with their mutual respect and love for each other. However, the dynamics are starting to change with the arrival of an old face. Paul Ashdale’s re-entry in their lives has brought way too many twists and turns for Vinny and Mandy. Their relationship is getting edgier and rockier as time passes.

The reason is Paul’s suspicious behavior that Mandy is too vigilant and Vinny is too ignorant of. To be honest, who can blame Vinny as for him, he is simply overjoyed to reunite with his father. Mandy, however, is unsure of what his ex has on his mind. Clue: she does not believe it’s anything good.

Her suspicions take an ugly turn when charity money goes missing. Mandy spots Paul lurking after the charity money raised by David Matcalfe. He did so by organizing ‘Find The Ball’ challenge at his shop. When David informs that the money is missing, Mandy quickly accuses Paul for it. Vinny takes the accusation badly because, well, Paul is his father!

Sometime later, David explains that he made a mistake and the money was just misplaced by him and not stolen. Mandy apologizes the very hurt Paul and Vinny warns her to not make him choose between her and Paul. Mandy is devastated thinking that she might lose Vinny, whom she loves more than a son. Paul manipulates Vinny to always remain by his side. Though, Paul’s shady side is revealed when he makes a mysterious phone call.

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