Emmerdale’s Prodigy Returns? Is Joe Tate Back On The Show For Good?

Every Emmerdale fan has one thing in common – they all want their favorite Joe Tate to return to the show! His death (that later confirmed to be false) was devastating enough and so was his exit from the show. The last we knew, Tate is in some foreign country and on the run for his life. However, with Graham Foster now gone, who faked Tate’s murder in the first place, Tate might make a return.

Graham pretended to kill Joe and dump his body for the sake of the orders he received from Kim Tate. Graham’s death, however, changes a lot of things. It opens the gate for Joe to return to avenge everything bad that happened to him. Interestingly, Joe Tate’s co-stars think it would be awesome to have him back.

Andrea Tate, played by Anna Nightingale, says that she knows Ned Porteous (Joe Tate) and would to have him back on the show as her ally. She says that she even spoke to him and informed him when she first got the role. Not just Anna, Alexander Lincoln, who plays Jamie Tate, also like the idea of having Joe back on the show.

He says that it would be interesting to have more Tates in Emmerdale to keep things interesting. He says that Joe has always been more ‘Tatey’ than Jamie. Lincoln has never personally met Ned but, believes that their dynamics on and off screen will be very exciting for the viewers to watch.

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