Movies & TV Series Leaving Netflix Australia In September 2020

September is going to be a busy month for Netflix buffs as there are plenty of new shows and movies coming up. However, there are also a long list of movies and series saying good bye to us! Here’s the list of all the movie and series leaving Netflix Australia in September 2020.

September 1

Backstage Season 1, Barnyard from 2006, Beary Tales from 2013, Blue Streak from 1999, Charlotte’s Web from 2006, and Colossal from 2016 will be saying us goodbye. Concrete Football from 2016, Chandani: The Daughter of the Elephant Whisperer from 2010, and Beak & Brain Genius Birds From Down Under from 2013 will also leave.

So will Daddy’s Home from 2015, Ghost Town from 2008, Holy Hell from 2016, Empresses in the Palace from 2011, and Incorruptible from 2015. Islands of the Future from 2014, Jack Reacher from 2012, Julie &. Julia from 2009, Priest from 2011, and Morning Glory from 2010 will join them.

Adding to the list would be Lorai: Play to Live from 2015, Million Pound Motors from 2015, and Mini Wolf  Season 1. School of Rock from 2003 would say goodbye along with Skin Wars Season 1 and Star Trek Into the Darkness from 2013. So will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from 2014, The Changeover from 2014, and The Irish Mob from 2008.

The Dictator from 2012, The Core from 2003, The Perfect Day from 2018, and The Road to Calvary from 2017 will leave too. Who the F**K Is That Guy? from 2018 and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans from 2009 will depart from the platform as well along with Terrifier from 2007.

September 2

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow from 2008 will be saying us good bye!

September 15

Cold Case Files Season 1 and Queens v/s King Season 1 will depart from the platform.

September 22

The Fall season 3 will be saying its final good bye.

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