‘We Are Who We Are’ Review – Hits It Right with The Vibe

Luca Guadagnino’s ‘We Are Who We Are’ is a teen drama about the U.S. Army brats that captures the just the right spirit and sentiments. Audience can feel the confusions and complications that surround the lives of teens. There is romance but unlike most of the teen drama, the show has a lot more to offer.

Jack Dylan plays the role of Fraser, who has just shifted to army base near Chioggia, Italy, to be with his officer mom, Chloe Sevigny. The boy wear black and yellow nailpaint and has bleached hair – the typical (or stereotypical) teensy look. Jordan Kristine Seamon play Caitlin who reads Walt Whitman and tries to understand gender.

Spence Moore II plays her brother, Danny, who is considering Islam. You can expect deep conversations about life and its meaning, full-frontal nudity, uncensored parties and a lot more. The series is based in the year 2016 so, we can expect some references that dates from 4 years ago.

Do not be surprised to find some political resonance here and there. The character arcs are somewhat on the flatter side and could have been better. However, the brats and soldiers are easily likable and will portray a pansexual yearning. Too unrealistic? Well, it’s still worth a shot!

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