Everything We Know About Netflix ‘The Trial of Chicago 7’ So Far

‘The Trail Chicago 7’ is a legal-drama scheduled to premiere on Netflix this October. It is one of Netflix Originals that you must watch out for as it looks promising enough to be one of the major hits of 2020. The movie is based on the the real case of Chicago Seven. It is directed by Aaron Sorkin, who’s also the screenplay writer.

The story is based on the group called Chicago Seven who participated actively in anti-Vietnam War. They also protested at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois, in 1968. They were charged by the federal government for their then ‘criminal acts’.

The star cast of the drama includes Tom Hayden as Eddie, Rennie Davis as Alex, Abbie Hoffman as Sacha, Jerry Rubin as Jeremy, and David Dellinger as John. Bobby Seale as Yahya, William Kinstler as Mark, Richard Schultz as Joseph, Leonard Weinglass as Ben, and Thomas Foran as J.C. Julius Hoffman from ‘Master of the Universe’ will play Frank Langella.

The movie has a runtime of 129 minutes and you can watch in on 4K. The period legal drama drops on October 16, 2020 on Netflix. The movie was set to be released in 2007 when Sorkin had completed writing the screenplay. However, due to Steven Spielberg’s (then-director of the movie) drop out, the release was delayed.


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