Everything We Know About Netflix ‘Three-Body Problem’ So Far

Netflix has made it official – ‘Three-Body Problem’ will be a work-in-progress very soon. The science fiction drama will be the adaptation of the Chinese novel by the same name by Liu Cixin. The series will be created by ‘Game of Thrones’ makers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Author Cixin and Alexandar Woo (True Blood) are also part of the project.

The streaming giant has struck the deal with Three-Body franchise and Yoozoo Group for its English adaptation. Weiss and Benioff said in their official statement that Three-Body would their most ambitious project till date. They have not read anything more ambitious than Three-Body Before.

The series is about a scientist who discovers that aliens will soon invade the Earth because of his mistakes. Years later, it is seen that there are two sets of human agencies. One are waiting for the invasion to happen and improve humanity and the others, to exterminate the humanity. It is also revealed that these aliens have been responsible for many high-profile deaths, conspiracy and suicides.

Joining the grand project are Rian Johnson, the executive producers of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Knives Out’.  Brad Pitt and Rosamund Pike are also part of the project. According to Benioff and Wiess, this is the most ambitious science-fiction they’ve ever come across and can’t wait to bring it to life.

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