Netflix Is Removing The Entire 8 Seasons of ‘Charmed’ – Here’s Why

The hit WB series, ‘Charmed’, that aired from 1998 to 2006 is finally being removed from Netflix. From October 1, 2020, Netflix will no longer host ‘Charmed’ and its eight seasons. The story followed three sisters, who discover that they have supernatural powers and are actually, sorceresses. The series consisted a total of 178 episodes.

‘Charmed’ was re-added on Netflix in 2015 and it’s the only online streaming platform that hosted the show. The reason for the removal is nothing but contracts. Netflix did not ‘own’ the rights to ‘Charmed’ but rather licensed it from CBS TV Distribution. The license, as it seems, has come to an end.

The streaming giant has confirmed in its official list of shows leaving in September that ‘Charmed’ is one of them. Though fans can hope that Netflix and CBS renegotiate their deal and extend the hosting rights. However, that does not seem very likely, as CBS has signed a deal with another platform.

We are talking about Peacock. Peacock and CBS has signed a deal whereby many CBS shows along with ‘Charmed’ will head to the new streaming platform. Luckily for Netflix though, the change of hosting dynamics does not impose any changes on the ‘Charmed’ reboot. The rebooted ‘Charmed’ premiered in 2019 and will continue to air on netflix.

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