Kimiko In ‘The Boys’ Season 3 Will Be Obsessed with Movie Musical – Learn Karen Fukuhara’s Reaction

Karen Fukuhara’s character, Kimiko, has been going through too many ups and downs in the series, ‘The Boys’. And following the renewal of the show’s third season, showmaker Eric Kripke discloses the new direction for Kimiko. In ‘The Boys’ season 3, Kimiko will be obsessed with musical theaters, especially movie musicals.

The news was declared during the ‘Around the Table’ meet for the series that had all the cast members. Fukuhara was discussing the character arc Kimiko during the interview. She talked about Kimiko’s arc in the season 1 and how she’s coping up with her communication skills in season 2. Eric chimed in and said that the writers have figured out her character better.


He said that she’d be watching a lot of movie musicals in season 3 and will be totally obsessed with it. They first thought that Kimiko might be into movies like ‘The Grudge’, however, it turns out that ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ is more her thing.

The statement might have been given out of humor but, it certainly seems like a lovely idea! ‘The Boys’ is anti-superhero drama on Amazon Prime Video. The first three episodes of the season 2 releases on the platform on Sept.4.

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