Monet X Change & Eureka Reveals There Was More To ‘Drag Race’ Finale Stunts

‘Drag Race’ season 10 finale was shocking enough with Asia O’Hara’s failed butterfly stunt. However, former contestants Monet X Change and Eureka reveal that there a lot more stunts planned that never really made it till the end. While speaking to Joey Nolfi and Jillian Sederholm on their podcast, BINGE, Monet and Eureka spilled some interesting inside details.

Eureka says that she was supposed to use neon smoke during her act. She had three of them hidden in her costume, two on her back and one in the center. However, Eureka realized during the practice that if she went ahead with the plan, the entire audience will suffocate to death and vacate the premises. Hence, plan dropped!

Eureka says that Asia’s failed attempt at releasing butterflies was hard enough for everyone to watch. O’Hara released live butterflies hidden in her bosoms and they didn’t fly! This led to her untimely elimination. Eureka says that both she and Aquaria freaked out when that stunt failed.

X Change also shared her 2 cents on the entire ‘reveal’ act. She said that people already know with the entire costume planning that something is coming up so there’s no surprise. However, she fathom if the need to be so dependent on such reveals is that important. She says that contestants have been trying to do that ever since Sasha Velour did it. However, she thinks that just because it went with her act, does not mean it has to work for everyone.

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