Anna Farris To Quit CBS Comedy ‘Mom’ After 7 Seasons

There’s a sad news for the fans of the hit comedy series, ‘Mom’. Anna Faris, who plays the role of one of the two moms on the show, Christy, is leaving. After entertaining us for seven consecutive season, Anna announced her exit from the series ahead of season 8.

As per the reports, Anna will not be replaced by any other actor and thank god because she’s our Christy! Rather, Christy’s character will be removed from the plot completely. That means, Allison Janney will take the responsibility of the show as the sole mother. Whether there will be an addition of a new character is yet to be seen.

Faris, while talking about her exit from the show says that it was a great learning experience for her. The show was very rewarding and fulfilling for her and she thanks the makers, crew and her co-stars for the same. Anna says that she’ll be pursuing new opportunities while watching ‘Mom’ from home.

CBS and Chuck Lorre production said that they are proud of the Anna’s character and how far it went and progressed in the series. They thank Anna for her wonderful portrayal as Christy and wish her all the very best in her future endeavors.

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