Disney+ ‘Mulan’ Available On Amazon Fire TV & Tablet

Disney+ has released ‘Mulan’ for its Premier Users and it is also available on the Disney+ app (paid) on Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Tablet. The company announced that it’s their 11th hour deal and one should hurry to get the enjoy offer. The movie is available for $30 premium title for all the subscribers of the platform.

The new release model has been made keeping in mind the current COVID-19 situation. Thus, the movie is available as more than a rental and less than a regular subscription. ‘Mulan’ is available in demographic areas that has the option of Disney+. Everywhere else, the movie will get a theatrical release. As for the rest, the movie will be available for free on Disney+ from December 4.

For payments, you can use Disney Plus’ in-app payment partners that are Google, Apple, and Roku. In other words, you do not need to visit ‘disneyplus’ website and proceed toward the payment in the regular and easier way. Disney+ and Amazon Fire’s deal is just like the one that the giants signed last year during the launch of the former.

Amazon Fire is also trying to reach a deal with other streaming platforms like HBO Max and Peacock. It is taking time due to differences of interests. However, we believe that spending $30 for a movie like ‘Mulan’ is complete worth the dime!

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