Nina Dobrev Responds To Whether She’ll Choose Paul Wesley Or Ian Somerhalder In Real Life

‘Vampire Diaries’ stars have been facing this question since their very first season. All three main lead – Paul Wesley (Stefan), Ian Somerhalder (Damon), and Nina Dobrev (Elena) – had to answer at least once that whom they’d choose. While Elena made her decision very clear (and controversial) on the show, it was time for Nina to face the heat.

Nina was asked who she’d rather choose if she were Elena. The fight was between her co-stars and on-screen lovers Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. She was presented with a picture of Ian and Paul sitting casually (and looking hot) while holding their glasses of Bourbon.

Nina had the wittiest reply for everyone. Unlike most of her fans, instead of choosing Delena or Stelena, Nina chose the third party in the picture. Who’s that you ask? Well, it is the Bourban! That’s what Nina smartly replied to the not-very-uncommon question. She also added an emoji of drink along with her answer.

It is also quite a smart answer looking at the fact that she just promoted her co-stars’ business venture and that too very subtly. Paul and Ian, after the wrapping up ‘Vampire Diaries’ had started their own business called ‘Brother’s Bond bourban’.

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