Sony in Talk With Amazon To Be Distributor of High Profile Shows

The time is not far away when Sony’s suite of TV series that are mostly based on Marvel characters will start production. The studio is already in talks with amazon to get control and distribution rights to some of the top-notch shows. The first name in the list is ‘Silk’. The show is under the development and had been so since a year, as per the Sony Pictures TV.

‘Silk’ is the adaptation of the Korean-American comic book written and created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Lauren Moon is the writer of the show, who has also written ‘Atypical’. the show marks the first comic-book adapted series with an Asian-American lead superhero.

According to reports, it is not going to be easy for Sony as there are issues coming up regarding different characters’ rights. The suite will most probably release on linear platform initially but, it is not confirmed as of yet.  Last year, Sony TV also signed a major deal with Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse).

They will look into suite of series based on Marvel characters from Sony Universe. We all know that Disney has acquired Marvel but, Sony has the right to several Marvel characters, major one being Spider-Man. Through Sony’s suite of TV series, we can surely see a lot of diversities in terms of superheroes of different race and ethnicity.

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