‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Finale Puts Jimmy’s Fate in Jeopardy!

‘Yellowstone’ coldly played with the audiences feelings when it come to deciding Jimmy’s fate. However, the last blow did not come until the very end, that has left the viewers gasping! Jimmy’s character could be dead and not return ever in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4. While actor Jefferson White (Jimmy) explained his character’s fate, people can’t seem to forgive his girlfriend.

To give you all a recap, by the end of ‘Yellowstone’ season 3, Jimmy is still recovering from his injuries he got from the unfortunate rodeo accident. However, his girlfriend, Mia, seems to have neglected the issue and ordered and orders Jimmy to ride horse for the rodeo once again. And that leads to his another accident.

The scene ends there with Jimmy lying unconscious on the ground, probably dead. While the audience have Mia and her domination to blame for this, Jefferson has some other thoughts. According to Jefferson, Mia is not jeopardizing his life but actually helping him.

Jefferson says that Jimmy is imagining his life and his future with Mia. Mia on the other hand is ordering him to get back to rodeo as this is what his dream is. Mia is simply encouraging Jimmy to do what he wants to do. However, if Mia had encouraged him to do something else, Jimmy might have been alive and kicking.

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