‘Watchmen’ Creator Urges Hollywood to Spotlight Hidden Stories

In 1986, authors Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons introduced readers to the world of ‘Watchmen’. Almost three decades later, creator Damon Lindelof says that question of power highlighted in the comic book is still relevant. He says that the story asks the same question – what happens when superheroes with superpowers decide to take laws in their own hands.

The show has earned 2020 Television Academy Honors on Tuesday. Upon receiving the award, David said that he and other makers are still worried about the character a mask hides. He says that the setting of the show has relevance with everything that the American are facing right now.

He says that he does not have answers to the questions that ‘Watchmen’ asks but he is glad to have worked with really brave people. These people were brave and insane to have worked on the project that mirrored the true face of the society.

David encouraged filmmakers to find hidden, buried, and camouflaged stories. They could be covered up somewhere in the pages of history. He asks them to find the stories of the lost as they could be the victims of literal and cultural conquests.

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