‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: First Fight Breaks Out, Find Out Who’s To Blame

The last week of ‘Big Brother’ has been full of twists and turns. A lot of things were highly predictable and a lot were not so shocking. Tyler Crispen had a breakdown after the tough week and tried saving Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers. He had several conversations with Christmas Abbott but nothing was clear enough for the audience.

The veto power was not used and Christmas and Tyler revealed it at the very last moment. Nothing changed and Bayleigh and Rogers were nominated. Bayleigh got mad for the nomination and Christmas tried clearing things out. The conversation between the two nominated contestants and Christmas got out of hands pretty quickly.

While no contestant is ready to take the blame and apologize, it is to wonder if its ‘Big Brother’ production who’s to be blamed truly. Tyler revealed that the production restricted him from asking Christmas to put him on the block to save Bayleigh and Rogers. Apparently, it was against the ‘rules’.

It is still unclear if the production truly restricted Tyler from doing anything. If Tyler is being honest, fans aren’t happy with the production’s decision. But, if Tyler is lying, it is an entirely different situation. However, the audience cannot be sure as Tyler’s conversation with the production and Abbott was not revealed entirely.

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