The Best ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes’ So Far Ranked

‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ has been running smoothly and successfully for fourteen seasons now. This sitcom about five terrible people have entertained the audience throughout the years and will soon come up with season 15. Here are the best episodes of the show that are not just hilarious but extremely important for the show’s plot.

5. Reynolds Vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense, S08E10

This is the episode where Danny DeVito, who plays Frank, and Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis, get into an accident. The Gang tries to figure out who’s to blame for everything. It beautifully scripted and downright hilarious.

4. Paddy’s Pub: Home of The Original Kitten Mittens, S05E08

Charlie Day creates mittens for kitten and looks for ideas to avoid copyright issues with the Gang members. Dennis and Frank try their own Paddy’s Pub’s ideas while The Lawyer makes a fool of all of them.

3. The D.E.N.N.I.S. System, S05E10

Dennis is a serial killer. There, we said it! And if not, he’s a sociopath. This episode gets deep into this theory. Dennis tortures women to seduce them and the Gang use Dennis’s system to help the women.

2. Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games S07E07

The Gang invent the game, Chardee MacDennis. The fictional board game is everything we need in our lives right now during the ongoing pandemic.

1. Charlie’s Work, S10E04

It is one of the most ambitious episodes of the series, filmed as a continuous tracking shot like Oscar-winning ‘Birdman’. It shows how brilliant Charlie is with his stunning plans.

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