‘Survivor’ Quarantine Questionaire: Spencer Bledsoe Answers Tricky Questions

Entertainment Weekly has sent Quarantine Questionnaire to the alums of ‘Survivors’ where they have to individually answer a bunch of tricky questions. We previously revealed some of the answers Erinn Lobdell gave for the Quarantine Questionnaire. Now, it is time for Spencer Bledsoe to answer some tricky thoughts.

Spencer has been proclaimed as the quintessential gamer of ‘Survivor’ by surviving 77 out of 78 days in two season combined. However, he thinks that the show is in a dire need of a makeover. He suggests tat the show should remove all the drama and twists. Rather, the show should focus on the contestants’ journey and personality.

When asked about the biggest regret on the show, Spencer answered quite honestly. He says that he is not very impressed with his last speech at Tribal Council in Cagayan. He believes that he was a rude to Woo that night. When asked what was the most shocking thing that never made it to the TV, Spencer again answered candidly.

He said that he trapped Joe into revealing his true thoughts while Ciera and Wentworth were in hiding. Well, we always knew that Spencer was indeed a master mind! Talking about his edit on the screen, he says that it is fruitless to think that edits can be perfect. He explains that 72 hours are converted into a few personalized minutes and judging someone on that basis, is foolishness.

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