The New Stargate TV Series Is In Progress Mode

The Stargate franchise has a couple of movies, three hit live action series and a popular web series under its wing. However, the franchise slowed down and gradually disappeared in the last few years. But interestingly, we will be getting Stargate back online very soon!

Brad Wright, former producer who worked on ‘Stargate SG-1’, ‘Stargate Universe’, and ‘Stargate Atlantis’ , was in talks with Studio MGM for quite some time. The last news people knew was that until last year, Wright was pitching his ideas to the studios. Well, it was safe to assume that the pitch could have gone either ways, especially with such a delay.

However, producer Joseph Mallozzi, had some different news to share. He hinted to his audience that the ‘Stargate’ new pitch is progressing as we talk! Now, that’s something and definitely a lot more than the project being scrapped off completely.

For the fans wondering what the new project might look like, there’s another great news. According to Mallozzi, the new plot will be in continuation with the older works. Hence, we can expect to see several familiar faces once again. The aliens, world-building adventures, the Destiny’s new moves, will all still be a part of the new project.

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