‘Young Justice’ Season 4 Title Revealed & It’s Phantastic!

We know that fans cannot wait for the premiere of ‘Young Justice’ season 4. To calm their anxiousness and wait, the makers organized a special table read for a brand new episode. The entire voice artists performed the special episode and season’s title reveal leveled up the excitement! The title is ‘Young Justice: Phantoms’!

The executive producers of the show, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, announced the name. Before the name reveal, voice actors Jason Spisak, Stephanie Lemelin, Denise Boutte, Khary Payton, Danica McKellar, and Crispin Freeman, all performed the episode, ‘The Prize’. The episode gave an insight on what could be the plot of the new season.

The animated show has been well received by the audience. If you like great animation, superhero action, or simply DC Universe, then ‘Young Justice’ is the show that you just cannot miss. Especially if you have watched Justice League cartoons in your time (or still do), then this show can be a great binge any day.

The series is about the DC superheroes but in their teenage years. If you have watched ‘Justice League’ movie or cartoons, you’d know that some major names of DC Comic come together to form the Justice League. ‘Young Justice’ follows the franchise’s footprint, fight criminals, save the world, and all of that while they are super young!


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