Jimmy Kimmel’s Opening Monologue of Emmy 2020: Jab At Trump Supporters & Coronavirus

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off Emmy 2020 with so much energy and fun that we even forgot the tough timing we are living in. He delivered his opening monologue to the audience, who were not even really there! The monologue was extremely smart, witty, and funny. Well, nothing else could be expected from Kimmel!

The 72nd Emmy Awards 2020 is unlike any other award show we had ever witnessed before. The courtesy goes to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The virtual event was different than all the previous years’ awards. For starters, no red carpets and celebrities answering hundred questions.

Jimmy started the monologue dissing unnecessary award shows. While the audience was hooting and cheering out loud, it was pointed out that they are not actually there. In fact, the monologue was old and pre-recorded from a different event. The celebrities’ face in the audience were cardboard cutouts as well.

Things got funnier when it was shown that Jimmy is sitting in the audience as well. He explained that more than hundred cameras have been planted at celeb’s homes who are nominated and winning. While announcing the winner of reality competition drama, Kimmel said that the past loser of the category (Donald Trump) is now President of the United States of America. He ended the night by saying ‘un-than kyou’ to Trump, his supporters bluntly.

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