‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Recap Before Season 3 Airs

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 3 is at the verge of release. So, it would be better if you refresh your memory of what all happened in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 2.

1. Discovery Crew Is In The Future

Discovery crew had to defeat their enemy, the cybernetic villain, from destroying humanity. They had to do that by first finishing off the enemy and then by erasing their existence from the history. When they did that, they entered the future that’s 1000 years ahead. While jumping to the future is nothing new, the 1000 years ahead timeline is new even fore Star Trek lore.

2. Massive collection of Data On Ship

There is a massive collection of data within the ship. It contains planet size information about galaxies and everything within. It is of utmost importance that it stays from wrong hands.

3. Michael Burnham’s Heart Is Broken

Michael’s relationship with deceptive Ash Tyler was a disaster and was revealed in season 1. In Season 2, Michael got some closure. However, in season 3, we might see Michael getting a fresh start with Cleveland ‘Book’ Booker.

4. Saru Underwent Has A New Side

Saru’s character was always seen as someone worrying and cautious. However, it was revealed that the traits are the effect of ganglia on his neck. However, once fallen, a new side of Saru was revealed that was fearless.

5. The Discovery Crew Is Dead…

…as per records. After the battle on the ship, it was decided that for everyone’s safety, it would be decalred that every inhabitant of the ship perished. So, they not only don’t belong in 1000 years future but also are presumed dead.

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