Gloria Steinem Teamed Up With Meghan Markle To Get People To Vote

Political activist, Gloria Steinem, joined forces with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle to cold-call the voters. The election is just around the corner, in November, and everyone influential is using their power to urge the people to vote. They want the public to take into consideration the future of America and vote for her progress.

Gloria shared the work she did with the Duchess during a virtual chat with Zuri Hall )Access Hollywood) on Sunday. Gloria says that Meghan is extremely smart, authentic, and political. She came back to her home to vote. When they met, they sat down in the same hall from where Gloria was chatting with Zuri. Gloria and Meghan then cold-called everyone and straight away asked if they are voting.

The activist says that it was initially Meghan’s idea to approach the voters individually and remind them of their duties. Gloria says that Meghan is extremely inspirational to her. She has a stereotype of ‘princess’ attached to her. But, even then, she never forgets her own responsibility as a citizen, despite her privileges.

Meghan has already expressed her thoughts on voting. She said in an interview recently that if someone is not voting, then they are being complicit. If someone is not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.

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