‘Lovecraft Country’ Gives Another Karen To Join The List of America’s Top Karen

Certain shows can take a very uncomfortable turn for certain people with its accuracy and realism. While the world of ‘Lovecraft Country’ is full of supernatural power that’s far from reality, it’s characters are quite 2020. In fact, the shows characters are those people who we have known since century. We are talking about the typical ‘Karen’.

For background information, Karen is the term used for such white privileged women who assert their dominance by any means over less privileged ones. Abby Lee plays the ultimate Karen in the show in the form of her character, Christina Braithwaite. She tortures Jurnee Smollett’s Letitia Lewis into leaving the mansion where Braithwaite resides.

Obviously, she uses her sorcery to do the same. Lee says that Christina is the ultimate Karen, using her powers to torture a black family while pretending that she’s doing nothing wrong. This is not the first time when we have seen a Karen in Hollywood shows. Elena, Reese Witherspoon’s mother in ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ was a classic example of Karen.

So was Piper from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ who by the end, got a clean slate to restart her life afresh. Whereas her peers of color were deported and slammed with heftier sentences. Of course, Piper being Karen, did not care. Not just fiction, there are real-world Karen too. Amy Cooper who called cops on a Black birdwatcher at Central Park for asking her to leash her dog is a classic example of such nightmare.

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