‘Batwoman’ Javicia Leslie Reveals Her Batsuit For The 1st Time

Gotham has a new hero, Ryan Wilder, and ‘Batwoman’ star, Javicia Leslie has given a glimpse of her first look at the new role. The star shared a picture on Instagram on Friday where she had donned up her cape and cowl. She wrote an interesting caption where she informed Gotham city that she’s ready to go.

She says that her new superhero character Ryan Wilder will have a difference approach to her role and the stylish Batsuit. The character Leslie plays is describes as likable and goofy but strong and untamed at the same time. Her character is nothing like that of Kate Kane that was played by Ruby Rose before her departure.

Wilder had been a drug-runner for many years and has gained her share of experience at dodging the Gotham City Police Department. She is used to camouflaging her pain with bad habits. Also, Wilder is openly a lesbian and raw and passionate when it comes to her romantic expression. That’s quite a fresh take at an American superhero outline.

Leslie says that she is proud to be the first Black woman to play the role of Batwoman. As a bisexual herself, it gives her immense joy to represent her community with a role of a superhero who’s from the same community. ‘Batwoman’ season 2 is supposed to release in January 2021 on The CW.

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