‘The Boys’ Stormfront Revelation That You Might Not Have Seen Coming

Aya Cash’s Stormfront in ‘The Boys’ came out as quite a strong character initially. ‘The Boys’ season 2 gave the impression of Stormfront as someone who’s progressive and a feminist. However, as the episodes progressed, so did Stormfront’s racial spews and backwardness. Now, the makers have made the big revelation of the character and we believe that the fans had seen it coming.

Stormfront’s character in the comics had made the story of her origin extremely clear. The makers of the show did not alter the original storyline. Stormfront grew up in the Hitler Youth and is a hardcore supported of the Nazi Party. She is a Nazi herself that led to World War II.

When Erick Kripke, showrunner of ‘The Boys’ was asked if he thought of changing the Nazi origin for Stormfront on the show, he said ‘not at all!’. According to Kripke, he does not understand why it is controversial to say that Nazis are bad.

He says that never meant to change who Stormfront really is. It is clear in the comics that Stronfront is a hardcore Nazi and it should remain the same way in the show. He adds that what is happening in the world today with all the racism is just a new form of Nazism and fascism that people are facing.

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