Lisa Kudrow Was Fired From ‘Frasier’ Before Being Cast In ‘Friends’

Lisa Kudrow became a household name after being cast in one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time, ‘Friends’. As Phoebe Buffay, she earned a massive fan-base even after twenty six years of the show’s release. However, before Lisa became the quirky and eccentric Phoebe, she was about to be starred in ‘Frasier’ opposite Kesley Grammar.

Kudrow was roped in to play the role of Roz Doyle on the show. However, she was replaced by Peri Gilpin. And, thank god for that because otherwise, the world would have missed on its real Phoebe Buffay. Roz’s character on ‘Frasier’ was not that of a minor one. She was the snarky producer on the show that was later played by Gilpin.

While Lisa was fired from the show, she did not remain without a job for long. The pilot of ‘Frasier’ premiered in 1993, a year before the premiere of ‘Friends’. According to the makers, Lisa did not match the character of Roz. Roz was supposed to be full of snarky sarcasm while Lisa did not give the character enough push.

Gilpin, on the other hand was the first choice of the makers so it made sense for her to reprise the role. Imagine how the world would have been if Lisa was not fired from ‘Frasier’. We wouldn’t have got the Phoebe Buffay we love so much today!

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