3 ‘Breaking Bad’ Questions ‘Better Call Saul’ Needs To Answer

‘Better Call Saul’ is one of the best spinoff (prequel) of any show ever made. And, it is something to be said because ‘Breaking Bad’ is one of the greatest shows of all time. The die-hard fans of ‘Breaking Bad’ were not too pleased with the show’s ending. However, their disappointment was compensated with ‘Better Call Saul’ The latter show covered many loopholes of the former but even after five seasons, there are some major questions unanswered.

Here are 6 questions ‘Better Call Saul’ needs to answer.

1. Where Is Kim In Breaking Bad?
Kim Wexler has been an important character in the events of ‘Better Call Saul’. It is obvious to wonder then where was Kim in the events of ‘Breaking Bad’? It can be assumed with the running events that either Kim will be dead soon or end up in jail.

2. How Kim and Howard’s fate interwined?
Just like Kim, Howard Hamlin’s character was also never mentioned in ‘Breaking Bad’. However, he too plays an important role in ‘Better Call Saul’. So, it is to wonder what happens of Howard in the end. Especially when we know Kim is after his life.

3. Will Nacho Escape To Canada?
Nacho was mentioned in ‘Breaking Bad’ when Saul put all the blame on him. But, the fans still do not know what is Nacho to be blamed of. It is to be seen if he would be able to flee to Canada. Also, why is he not a part of Saul’s journey?

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