George R.R. Martin Reveals His Least Favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ Scenes

attends the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the most expensive shows apart from being one of the most popular and famous shows of all time. The final season of the show cost approx $15 million per episode. It was more than double the amount at which the starting episodes of the show were made at. However, the final season and finale were not fans’ favorite.

However, there are episodes that did not sit well with author of ‘Thrones’, George R.R. Martin as well. Interestingly, they were not the final episodes but the episodes that according to him fell short on budget. While the starting episodes did not cost as much as the final episodes, they were not at all cheap!

According to the show, King Robert went on hunting and was attacked by a boar. He could not survive the injury and passed away, giving his powers to Ned Stark. The King of the North was to play interim king till Robert’s kin takes over the throne. And hence, the whole ‘game of thrones’ started.

However, Martin says that the hunting scene where Rob was attacked should have been grand. But, the budget did not allow them to shoot a royal hunting scene. Hence, only the word was passed that the king has been attacked. Martin’s ‘Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon’ will release on October 6, giving fans a perspective of GoT’s behind the scenes.

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