Netflix ‘The Sandman’ Trying To Rope In Tom Sturridge To Play Dream

Neil Gaiman recently revealed on Twitter that his comic ‘The Sandman’ will soon start production. The Netflix adaptation will begin filming in the next three weeks and everyone seem to be pretty excited. Adding more the excitement is the speculation that Tom Sturridge might star in the show.

The Warner Bros. and Netflix show will have a total of 11 episodes. The show’s production was halted due to the pandemic but that only gave more time Gaiman to solidify his craft even more. Some of the industry’s big names are coming together in the making of ‘The Sandman’. David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) will executive produce the show.

Joining him would be Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) as writer and showrunner. ‘The Sandman’ is about the adventures of Dream. He is also known as Sandman and Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams. The Sandman is a part of a mysterious group of immortals known as The Endless. The group is responsible for cosmic concepts like desire, death, detiny, despair, etc.

According to sources, Tom auditioned for the role along with Tom York (Poldark) and Colin Morgan (Merlin). However, it was Sturridge who made an impact on the makers. The character was set for a feature adaptation earlier. If the project had gone through its course, we would have seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing The Sandman. He was directing the movie as well before dropping out due to creative differences.

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